Minerva is a collective trio featuring Carlo Costa on drums, Pascal Niggenkemper on bass, and JP Schlegelmilch on piano. The trio explores the boundaries between composition and improvisation. Their music ranges from areas of static minimalism to dense and dynamic gestures, embracing both stark dissonance and open-hearted lyricism. 
Minerva recorded a full-legnth CD “Saturnismo” in August 2010 that was released on Between the Lines Records in May 2011. It features compositions by all three band members as well as collective improvisations.

To purchase “Saturnismo” go to Carlo Costa’s website.

“An impressively cohesive avant-jazz trio” (Time Out New York, June 2011)

“The trio manages to create a wonderful synthesis of styles, grounded in jazz but leaning towards modern classical with lots of improvisation. This is not about fast runs on the keys or uptempo pyrotechnics, but about mature music woven lightly but solidly out of thin sounds.” (Review on Free Jazz Blog, July 2011)