JP has been active as a piano teacher for over 10 years, teaching students of all ages and levels of experience. He is a certified Suzuki teacher and received his teacher training at the School for Strings in Manhattan. He is on faculty at the Brooklyn Conservatory and the Rye Arts Center. 

Drawing on inspiration from the great teachers he has known throughout his life, JP seeks to create a personal approach to communicating musical concepts. Each student is treated as a unique individual, and the lesson plans are built around the student’s interests, learning style, and musical goals.

JP encourages his students to explore a wide range of musical genres in the lessons, using material ranging from rock,  jazz, classical, and folk music. Students are also encouraged to learn music of their own choosing, which gives an appealing context for working on the fundamental skills needed to play any music. 

Some subjects students explore in lessons are: rhythm, music theory, composition, improvisation, music history, and awareness of how the use of the body effects musical performance. JP has also studied the Alexander Technique, an education practice to improve posture, movement, and muscular use, from Yale faculty member Gwen Ellison.