JP Schlegelmilch - Piano

Michael Clemow - Electronics

Waver creates music that explores lush cinematic soundscapes, dense experimental noise, and hypnotic minimalist textures, all with the spontaneous energy of an improvisational dialogue between piano and laptop electronics.

JP Schlegelmilch and Michael Clemow began playing music together informally in 2011 and immediately sensed a unique alchemy created by their disparate musical backgrounds. Michael Clemow is a composer of experimental electronic music and creates his own instruments, as well as other sound-related hardware for a variety of artists such as Lou Reed and Eleonor Sandresky. 

After performing at a concert promoted by the new music organization Abattoir Projects in 2012, Michael and JP went into the studio to document their new musical discoveries. In April of 2014 they celebrated the release of their debut recording with a concert at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn. 

Waver's debut album is available on Bandcamp