JP Schlegelmilch is a Brooklyn-based pianist, accordionist, electric keyboardist and composer. In his various musical projects, JP seeks to synthesize his diverse musical interests, creating a personal and non-genre-specific music. Over the years JP has devoted himself to the study of jazz and classical music, while trying to maintain a sense of freedom to include influences from all music that he loves, including the rock music he obsessed over as a teenager.

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2006, JP has been performing with his own groups and has had the opportunity to perform with some of New York’s most esteemed improvising musicians. 

JP’s current projects include Visitors, a power trio featuring JP on Yamaha Electric organ, Jim Black on drums, and Jonathan Goldberger on guitar. Their debut album was released on Skirl Records in 2018 and was included on Rolling Stone’s “Best Jazz Albums of 2018” list.

JP has also been been playing organ in Matt Bauder’s Hearing Things, a band that specializes in “a kind of Middle Eastern flavored surf-rock with old school R &B honking and striptease-worthy themes” (Peter Margasak, the Chicago Reader).

New projects in the works include a quartet with piano, cello, violin and percussion. The music was inspired in part by the great composer Lou Harrison.