JP Schlegelmilch (organ/keyboards), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar) and Jim Black (drums) present a 21st-century take on the organ trio in their debut album released on Skirl Records in September 2018. “Visitors” charts a course between blurry shoegaze textures, frenetic avant-garde jazz, and drone-heavy psychedelic rock. Moments of intense improvisation in the vein of Sonny Sharrock and Tony Williams Lifetime coexist with more tightly-structured instrumental pieces rooted in the epic prog-rock of King Crimson and Yes.

The music is bathed in the analog glow of the Yamaha YC-30 organ, a vintage keyboard that’s become JP Schlegelmilch’s obsession, pushing the trio’s sound into outer realms explored by Terry Riley and Sun Ra. Jonathan Goldberger’s sonic wizardry is on full display, striking a balance between tape-delay washed soundscapes and gritty, straight-into-the-amp electric guitar. Visitors is shot through with the intense spontaneity and restless creativity of Jim Black’s drumming, careening from hard-hitting grooves to free-floating abstraction.

When great musicians put genre concerns aside and just play, good things tend to happen. Are they playing gritty post-jazz? Emotive, wordless rock? Regardless, it just works.
— Hank Shteamer, ROLLING STONE